GPS Speedometer is a app that displays current/Maximum/Average speed, trip distance and GPS data.
Speedometer App uses GPS satellites to obtain current Speed and other GPS information so this app should be used outdoor with sky view
SpeedoMeter app has following features

  • Current Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Trip Distance
  • Trip Time
  • Altitude
  • network connectivity status
  • Maximum satellites
  • satellites visible from current location
  • Bearing
  • Accuracy
  • Latitude
  • Longitude.

Reset button is provided. Long press reset button reset trip distance, trip time, average speed, maximum speed
Speedometer app supports units of measurement like to Metrics, Imperial and Knots
Speedometer also provides configuration settings like Minimum time and minimum distance to update GPS location settings.
Speedometer is a free application supported by advertisements. ( if you do not wish to view advertisement then we have speed limit alert app with advance features. Speed limit alert app be purchased at )

Speedometer Application requires following

1) Android handset with GPS
2) Internet connection
3) Google Play Services App