Rooster crowing Dawn Alarm App emulates rooster's anticipatory predawn crowing that is guided by their circadian rhythm which driven by an internal clock rather than an external light cues.

Make habit to wake up at Astronomical Dawn ( Astronomical Twilight Begin Time) with Rooster crowing Dawn Alarm App and bring following benefits of waking up early at Astronomical Dawn in your life
*) Feel happier and have more positive feelings throughout the day.
*) Eat more fruits and veggies and fewer calories. Have Normal Body Mass Index and Long Life
*) Increased Wealth, Less Depression, Healthier Immune System, More Serotonin, More Endorphins, Cheerful Attitude, Better Social Life, more Peace and More Productivity.

Rooster Crowing Dawn Alarm is very useful app for getting notified for morning prayers that are dependent on local sunrise time and Sunset Time.

Rooster Crowing Sound Alarm app has following features
1) Selection of rooster crowing dawn alarm time with two options
a)Cockerel alarm at Sunrise/Twilight time calculated based on GPS location
b) Cockerel alarm at user specified time. User can choose any time in a day for rooster crowing alarm
2) Shows following twilight times for saved GPS location like
a) Astronomical Twilight Begin and End Time
b) Nautical twilight Begin and End Time
c) Civil twilight Begin and End Time
d) Official Sunrise Begin and End Time
User can choose cockerel alarm time from any of above Morning Twilight Time
3) Show Day Length in hours, Time to Official sunrise and Time to Official Sunset
4) Shows current GPS location parameters like network status, GPS status, maximum satellites, visible satellites, accuracy, altitude, bearing, latitude and longitude.
User can save GPS location and sunrise , Twilight time will be computed based on that saved GPS location.
5) multiple rooster crowing sounds at alarm moment
6) Shake the Phone/tablet to stop rooster crowing sound( shaking does not stop rooster crowing sound if phone/tablet is locked)

Show your highest ranking and superiority by announcing the break of dawn and waking up at dawn with Rooster Crowing Dawn Alarm App

Runtime requirements of app
1) Latest update of Google Play Services App
2) Turned on GPS location access
3) Internet connectivity. This is required for accuracy in GPS location and to show advertisements.
4) Go to outdoor, wait for GPS fix and set your GPS Location. Once you set GPS location in app, Rooster crowing dawn alarm app will automatically show local sunrise/sunset time. When you move to new city/location, set new GPS location in the app to show local sunrise/sunset time.
5) Choose your dawn Alarm time( Manual or location based ) and Save.
you must set alarm time at least once which can be manually specified alarm time or at Twilight time computed by app based on your GPS location.
6) Sound Volume level in android settings should be high enough.

Rooster crowing Dawn alarm is an free app supported by advertisements. screen wide Advertisement is shown when you select sunrise tab and other banner ads are shown.

Greet the morning sun every day with Rooster crowing Dawn Alarm App !

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